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Fantastic Home Extensions for the Cobham Area

As a leading building company operating in the Cobham area, we’ve built our fair share of home extensions! We’ve found that our clients have all sorts of different reasons for investing in one. On this page we’ve run through a few of the most common.


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4 Reasons Cobham Clients Invest in Home Extensions


  1. SPACE – The most common reason we’re called-in to build home extensions around Cobham is homeowners’ need for more space. Whether it’s for a bedroom or nursery for a new member of the family, or a gym for the fitness enthusiast of the household, home extensions open up a whole new world of possibilities. They’re also a fantastic alternative to the costly and stressful option – moving home.

  2. LIFESTYLE – Home extensions can really change and improve people’s lifestyles. For example, a Cobham client who has recently become self-employed may desire a dedicated office space where they can get their head down and get some work done in peace. Or an extension could create a spacious eating area to entertain guests in. Use your imagination!

  3. MODERNISATION – Over time, homes can age and seem dated when compared with modern properties. While many of our Cobham clients choose to invest in full-fledged property refurbishments, often it’s wiser to invest in a home extension. For example, if it’s your kitchen and living room that could do with being modernised, why not call in our builders to create an extension and combine the two rooms to make a highly modern open-plan space?

  4. INVESTMENT – Our building company often receives inquiries from prospective clients who are looking to improve the value of their home. Quality home extensions, just like the property refurbishments our builders carry out, can significantly boost a property’s value. So you receive new space you can immediately use, which will effectively pay for itself down the line when you choose to sell-up and move to a new property!


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