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Property Refurbishments & Home Extensions for the Oxshott Area

Over the years, our building company has handled all sorts of jobs for homeowners in and around the Oxshott area. Our builders are especially popular when it comes to home extensions and property refurbishments, two areas we consider ourselves specialists in.


For the benefit of our prospective clients in Oxshott, we’ve jotted down some of the “do’s and don’ts” of home extensions and property refurbishments. But if you’re more interested in the other services our building company offers, please pick up the phone and give us a call on  01737 219 671.

Do’s and Don’ts – Property Refurbishments & Home Extensions in Oxshott



When it comes to property refurbishments and home extensions, there’s no “maximum” spend set in stone. If you wanted to, you could really run up a bill creating a luxurious, palatial extension out of 24-carat gold and marble. But this isn’t what most Oxshott homeowners are looking for out of an extension. Consult with our builders, who’ll be able to guide you in setting a realistic, sufficient budget. It’s important this is done early on, as it will likely impact design choices you make down the line.



Home extensions can significantly increase the value of your property, while providing you with a useful space that can improve you and your family’s quality of life. Think long and hard about how best to use your new space. A new home office, bedroom, eating area, gym or nursery – there are many possibilities. But you’ll truly regret turning it into a games room if two weeks down the line you realise you don’t like snooker as much as you thought you did!



OK, so you’ve decided to invest in a property refurbishment or home extension. It can be tempting to rush into the process; to get it rolling as soon as humanly possible. But it’s worth taking some time to consider different aspects of the work involved. Call our building company, and our builders will be able to arrange a meeting to survey your property.


Our in-house design service assists Oxshott clients in drawing up a dream home extension or property refurbishment. But be sure to discuss what you want with your family, and do some research online. You may see an existing idea you love!

Need more advice on home extensions or property refurbishments? Call us today on 01737 219 671.